We are a team of photographers who have utterly dedicated our lives to professional wedding photography with a view to constantly evolving in this sector. We are based in Volos, Greece, a heartbeat away from the tourist destination of mesmerizing Mt. Pelion and its enchanting beaches. Each one of us will show up at your wedding with a complete and state-of-the-art set of photography gear, as we are invested in always keeping up with the latest technological developments that the market has to offer in professional photography equipment.

Let me introduce myself, shall I?

My name is Athanasios Papageorgiou. With 14 years experience in the field of photography and with equivalent studies, I am the founder of the successful business APhotography, which is based in Volos and which was launched during the financial crisis of Greece. In the last four years, I have taken slow but steady steps towards growing and earning a place amongst the top photography services businesses in the city of Volos, thanks to the large number of satisfied customers. At the moment, I am in the pleasant position to share with you my love for photography and put my signature on unique pictures that capture your special moments.