Our Team

We are a team of photographers who have utterly dedicated our lives to professional wedding photography with a view to constantly evolving in this sector. We are based in Volos, Greece, a heartbeat away from the tourist destination of mesmerizing Mt. Pelion and its enchanting beaches (many places are famous by the movie ’’mama mia’’). Each one of us will show up at your wedding with a complete and state-of-the-art set of photography gear, as we are invested in always keeping up with the latest technological developments that the market has to offer in professional photography equipment.

Let us introduce our selfs, shall we?

Athanasios Papageorgiou head photographer – editing manager

Im the head photographer and creator of our team. With 14 years experience in the field of  wedding photography and with equivalent studies, I am the founder of the successful business APhotography, which is based in Volos and which was launched during the financial crisis of Greece. In the last four years, I have taken slow but steady steps towards growing and earning a place amongst the top photography services businesses in the city of Volos, thanks to the large number of satisfied customers. At the moment, I am in the pleasant position to share with you my love for photography and put my signature on unique pictures that capture your special moments. 

George Zalonisassistant photographer

Having gained experience next to wedding photographer Athanasios Papageorgiou, I am able to capture precious moments on your wedding day in the style and philosophy of our group. My job in every luxurious wedding is to exclusively trail the groom in every event in order to capture every spontaneous moment that he will experience with friends and family. I also cover more challenging and peculiar camera angles that the main photographer has not enough time to cover. So, as a team we can guarantee that no single part of your wedding will be lost and that it will always be shot from the most appropriate angle.

Nicolecommunication manager

Due to our heavy workload we need someone who can reply directly to your e-mails or requests for skype meetings. This person could be none other than Nicole. She is at the forefront of our team and the person you will first get to know when you contact us. Kindness and promptness in the provision of our services are the qualities that best represent us, so don’t hesitate to call us and just say ‘hello’.

Tasosadvertising manager

Tasos is our online representative and the face of our team on all social networks, such as facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest, myWed, viewBug and more … Thanks to he and his posts, you have seen part of our work which has excited your interest and prompted you to contact us to have us cover yet another wedding story unfolding in Greece!


We are proud to say that our team offers an unparalleled service experience to couples who trust us with their wedding photography. We will gladly accompany you anywhere on your special day as we cover weddings all around Greece from islands such as Santorini, Mykonos, Paros, Naxos, Rhodes, Crete, Skiathos and Skopelos to exquisite destinations on mainland Greece, such as Mt. Pelion, but also in Cyprus and other wonderful locations around the globe. Given the idyllic setting offered by Greek islands, we are always thrilled to cover weddings in such great destinations and we promise that you will enjoy peace-of-mind knowing that we are personally committed to ensuring that everything will run smoothly on one of the most special days of our lives. Given our experience and detailed knowledge of Greek islands and mainland Greece, our professionalism and our personal involvement in every single one of our projects, we personally guarantee you a beautiful and carefree wedding day.
Given that a wedding is a curious combination of reportage and fashion photography, We cannot settle for anything less than spontaneity in style with a pinch of glamour, bringing every detail to light with an artistic touch but always with a discreet presence in space. Our ambition in every project is to capture moments of true spontaneity as those are offered to me by the protagonists and participants of a wedding, thus creating vivid images full of unique sentiment that we each get to experience a few times in our lives. However, through the combination of a unique photographic perspective and the original character of every couple, these images transform into a unique legacy over time.