Alain & Georgia wedding in Volos (Greece)

Volos, in my opinion, is a blessed city, making its residents very lucky. It is a coastal town that has emerged even more beautiful lately through the many artistic innovations initiated by its new Mayor. Just a few kilometers from the city center we encounter the first of the numerous tourist villages of Pelion, a unique destination for wedding photography. Many famous cruise ships stop at Volos, such as the Costa neoromantica, the Costa neoClassica, the Costa Pacifica, the Europa 2 and many more. So, Alain and Georgia, who live and work permanently in France, chose to have their wedding in Volos, where Georgia actually grew up. Having to choose among a multitude of different photographers they trusted me and my team to capture each moment of their wedding through our own unique style. Their wedding ceremony took place in one of the most famous churches of the city, St. Konstantinos, overlooking the whole Pagasetic Gulf. FLORAL was of course in charge of the decoration of the church as well as the reception venue!
And after everything was set, another special wedding story unfolded in Greece, and it goes like this:

…Some wedding details reveal the prestige and elegance of the couple.

…A pleasant mood prevails at XENIA hotel, where Alain was preparing.

…At Georgia’s house femininity and elegance set the tone of the bride’s preparation.

…The decoration of church was just perfect, thank you FLORAL!

…Several guests coming from many different countries was the best surprise for the couple.

…While Alain was waiting on the steps of the church someone told him in a humorous spirit that he still had enough time to run off… but Alain’s response was disarming: ”I love my wife and I will wait here for as long as I have to!”

…Artistic photographs of the couple were taken outside the church with its architecture and the magic of the stars, serving as a beautiful setting.

…The decoration of the wedding reception was brilliant for one more time…

…The entrance into the reception was made impressive with the help of many of Alain and Georgia’s friends.

And of course the party never stops in Greece …

Alain and Georgia thank you for choosing me and my colleagues as your photographers and for trusting me to capture the unique and priceless moments of your wedding in Greece. I’m really glad I got to meet two people like you and I wish that the love that I saw you had for each other on the day of your wedding continues to flare up day by day for the rest of your married life …!