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Mel & Alexia a traditional wedding in Pelion (Greece)

Mel and Alexandra wanted to make a traditional greek wedding like old times! They choosed a small village for their beautiful wedding in Pelion. The bride prepared at a traditional villa and showed up in the church with a horse! They revived old traditions like quessing the first child’s gender by throwing a red apple…. Read More

George & Zefi an elegant civil wedding (Greece)

For some couples a civil marriage is a typical procedure but for George and Zefi it was a big deal! They succed to organise a unique and luxury wedding ceremony at a magnificent place. Their photoshoot took place at beautiful destinations of Pelion like Portaria and the traditional village Kissos. We cooperated perfectly and we… Read More

Manos & Nazia a Medditeranean wedding (Greece)

We can say that this couple proudly represents the Medditeranean beauty. This young couple trusted our team for their wedding, the most important time of their life. They make the ceremony in a central church of the city. The reception took place at a beautiful place (ktima Melina) under the night sky full of stars and… Read More

Will & Samantha civil wedding in Pelion (Greece)

Pelion is known for its abundant wonderful destinations combining mountainous and coastal landscapes. Its routes which take you through lush natural forests and picturesque villages render it so unique. This is the reason why many parts of Pelion have served as the main locations for the filming of the renowned film ” Mama Mia ”… Read More

Alain & Georgia wedding in Volos (Greece)

Volos, in my opinion, is a blessed city, making its residents very lucky. It is a coastal town that has emerged even more beautiful lately through the many artistic innovations initiated by its new Mayor. Just a few kilometers from the city center we encounter the first of the numerous tourist villages of Pelion, a… Read More

George & Chara – wedding in Amaliapolis (Greece)

Greece is known for its hospitality and its magnificent islands. But Greece is not only islands, it is actually much more… There are numerous mainland sites that strikingly resemble the Aegean islands, marked by similar seaside beauty. One such location is Amaliapolis, known by locals as Mitzela. This is the place George and Hara chose… Read More

Nicolas & Angela – Wedding in Kotor (Montenegro)

Nicolas and Angela are a couple who live and work in the town of Kotor in Montenegro, a state of former Yugoslavia. Kotor is a tourist place right after Budva attracting many cruise ships full of visitors who want to admire the medieval buildings that distinguish the city from all others. The artistic photo shoot… Read More