What is your unique style in wedding photography?

Given that a wedding is a curious combination of reportage and fashion photography, I cannot settle for anything less than spontaneity in style with a pinch of glamour, bringing every detail to light with an artistic touch but always with a discreet presence in space. My ambition in every project is to capture moments of true spontaneity as those are offered to me by the protagonists and participants of a wedding, thus creating vivid images full of unique sentiment that we each get to experience a few times in our lives. However, through the combination of a unique photographic perspective and the original character of every couple, these images transform into a unique legacy over time.

How far can you reach to cover a wedding?

Beyond the beautiful and enchanting landscapes that Greece has to offer, mainly its islands, such as Santorini, Mykonos, Skiathos and Skopelos, to name a few, our reach is global. Most of our wedding projects take place on Mt. Pelion. Thanks to our experience, my partners and I can address the needs of any wedding and cover any type of ceremony, depending on the religion that each couple practises. For us, each wedding is a fresh challenge that offers us the opportunity to relate a new and unique story… the story of your wedding.

What services can you offer?

Beyond the typical services that we offer on the wedding day itself, that is, the coverage of the bridal preparation, the groom preparation, the ceremony, family photos, artistic photos of the couple, the wedding reception and the party, our opinion is that a wedding consists of much more than these moments, when behind it lies a long process full of tension but also of wonderful emotions. In view of that, we offer to cover events and happenings such as the engagement, any pre-wedding celebrations, wedding dress rehearsals as well as bachelor and bachelorette parties while we also undertake boudoir and next day shootings, among other things. We further offer additional technical services, such as aerial drone photography, photo retouching services, fine art or exclusive editing of photos as well as the composition and design of one or more albums. We are happy for you to choose any of the services we have to offer.

How do I get in touch with you?

You can reach us via telephone on our mobile phones:

+306971918531 (GR)

+35796762622 (CY)

And via email at: info@weddingreece.gr

We can also arrange a more direct and meaningful meeting via SkypeMeeting. A personal relationship with you is very important to me as it plays a fundamental role in fostering the right chemistry between us so that the day of your wedding you are dealing with a familiar face and not a stranger who will make you feel uneasy and awkward.

Can you also cover our wedding Cinematography?

My philosophy is that, when it comes to weddings, it is best that one person is in charge of one specific aspect so they come to specialise and excel at it, whereas when one is in charge of various tasks, they are most likely to be moderately competent in them. This is why I have dedicated all my energy to photography and have acquired the necessary specialization and expertise in this field. As such, my partners and I are in a position to constantly evolve towards excellence so that you can benefit from the exceptional quality that we ensure for every single photo. That doesn’t mean, however, that I cannot recommend equally capable colleagues that adopt the same philosophy as mine in the production of wedding videos. One such colleague is: www.imageandsound.gr

What is the suggested time frame for setting a wedding date and what methods of payment do you accept?

Unfortunately, I am not in a position to answer this with accuracy because wedding dates are set all the time and our services can be booked at any given moment by couples who have taken a liking to our work and have chosen to trust us with their special and unique moment in their lives.

The methods of payment we accept are the following:

1)    Direct deposit to our bank account (ask us).

2)    Cash (Please bear in mind that we only accept payments in the Euro currency)

3)    Western Union & more money transfer methods.

Payment is carried out in three instalments as follows:  20% of the total amount of the services provided is paid in advance, 60% of the total amount is paid a week before the wedding and 20% is paid after the wedding.

Are there any specific packages we can choose from?

My personal approach towards weddings is that everything has to be perfect and for that reason I give my best self to every wedding project I take on. This entails the coverage of specific stages of the wedding and for that reason I divide weddings into three parts, each of which consists of specific services, all which make for a richer and more interesting collection of photos for your wedding.  You will find more information about these parts on our contact form… You can even select from our extra services that extend beyond the basic parts offered and which consist of the production/shooting of photos and the delivery of high resolution files.

In which electronic format are the photographs delivered?

You receive your wedding photos in a high resolution format without any large or annoying logos or watermarks extending over the image. My policy on this issue is that since you are investing a large amount of money to hire a professional photographer to capture your unique personal moments, then you should have the right to manage this photographic material as you wish since you are the protagonists in these photos.

How can I trust you when there is such distance between us?

Unfortunately, some (but thankfully few) unfortunate incidents occur, involving services offered by people who are most likely not professionals, which might make a couple wary of trusting a stranger (at least in the beginning) from a foreign country to be in charge of shooting their wedding. Fortunately for you, we have no such regrettable incidents in our history because my selected partners and I have utterly dedicated our lives to this profession and make it our priority to keep our costumers 100% satisfied with the quality of our work, our demeanour and our interaction with the costumer but also with our trustworthiness. In order to earn your trust and for us to be legally covered, when we close a deal, we send you via email a wedding photography private contract that legally covers all interested parties and where all services agreed upon are detailed.

Can you undertake the composition and printing of one or more albums?

Besides shooting, we can undertake the following: editing; creating album layouts; printing and high-quality binding of either handmade or digital albums. The albums we create consist of the best photos taken throughout your wedding and stylistic choices are guided by your own personal style with emphasis placed on the visual composition designed inside each album. Also, something that sets us apart from others is the different layouts we design for the albums given to the parents of the couple, best man or maid of honour. In essence, each album is different based on its recipient. Samples of our albums can be sent to you via email upon request.

Can you print isolated photos in different sizes?

Since you will be in possession of the whole archive of your photos in high resolution, you will be able to print them yourself in any size and format desirable. Upon request, however, we are able to provide high-quality hard copies of any photo since photos are supposed to be printed not merely remain on hard or USB flash drives.

How long does it take you to deliver the photographs of our wedding?

In our opinion, photographs should be delivered as soon as possible so you can enjoy them. For that reason, we aim to deliver your photos within a week from the day of your wedding.

How many professional photographers will cover our wedding day?

Every wedding project I take on involves at least two photographers (a main photographer and an assistant photographer for even more unique shots) so that best results are guaranteed. Our presence during your special day is something we take very seriously and for that reason our demeanour and apparel is decent and consistent with the event’s dress code. Surely, we don’t want to draw all eyes on us but we want to make a good impression.

Can you cooperate with other professionals such as caterers, decorators and wedding planners?

In my opinion, cooperation is an integral part of any wedding and can determine the mood and quality of the day as well as the end result. The cooperation between the professionals you chose to work with should be cordial and highly efficient on all sides. Everything should run smoothly which can be achieved through the coordination of all the agents involved in the organisation of your wedding.  Therefore, if you do not have the time to coordinate every party involved in the organisation of your wedding or if you have yet to hire a wedding planner, I would suggest visiting the following page: Destination Weddings by Floral. I can personally guarantee that hiring any of the professionals presented on this website will eliminate any possibility of things going wrong.

Can you arrange your own accommodation and any transportation costs that might arise during a wedding project?

Of course! We assume total responsibility for sorting out our team’s accommodation and transportation to your place of desire so you have one less burden on your mind, so long as we agree upon it beforehand. The additional expenses arising from this will be charged on the total amount and will appear separately on the contract that you will receive once you book our services for your wedding date.

What is the number of photos we receive from our wedding and what type of archive do you provide?

The number of photos you receive depends on the type of services you request but also on your character. Bear in mind, you give me the material to work on and I am simply there to capture your intimate moments through my own personal style. With this in mind, you should relax and be yourselves on your wedding day. Leave the rest up to me and my team! The format in which you will receive your photos is either in samples of low resolution photos with our distinctive logo on each one or the whole archive of your photos in high resolution without any logos or watermarks on them. The choice between these two options will determine the total cost of our services.