Thank you very much for your amazing work !!! We sincerely wish that you keep up the good work you’re doing in the future !!! We look forward to working with you again soon at our baby’s christening because your work is truly perfect … Best of luck!!!

Panagiotis Olga

There are times when words are redundant, especially in such occasions… Thanasi, we wanted to let you know that the material you delivered to us was close to “perfection”. This does not merely reflect on your work but also your character and morals as those revealed themselves throughout the wedding. We hope that you are blessed with triple the business and joys in your life and keep going with the same enthusiasm and hard work and you will be rewarded! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything you have done for us!!
With great love and admiration…


Thanasi, thank you very much for your wonderful work, your consistency and for the amazing material that you created for our wedding!!! From the bottom of our hearts, we wish that you are always so creative that your photos always manage to take each and every one down beautiful paths of memories…!!


“We had such a great time! Thanasi, thank you very much for your excellent work, for your time and your unique photographic perspective, which transformed our personal moments into fond memories that bring a smile to our faces” Keep on working with such passion because the outcome is great and really powerful!


Thanasi, thank you for a wonderful collaboration!
Your professionalism, your sincerity and the purity of your character are what made us choose to work with you! The excellent outcome you delivered exceeded our expectations and vindicated our choice! Thanks to you, one of the most important moments in our lives will remain truly unforgettable! We hope to work with you again …


I am trying to think of something original to write but I think a huge thank you really captures everything. Thank you for your amazing work, your friendly and warm approach, a pleasant collaboration and, of course, your professionalism. Mind you, we will work with you again, you won’t get away that easily. Thank you for everything!


Our beloved friend, Thanasi,We would firstly like to extend a huge thank you for the excellent material that was delivered to us. The album exceeded our wildest dreams and all our expectations. We received the most excellent album that you could have ever produced for us. Excellent work, 100% professional, flawless pictures and most importantly … the emotions that emanate from each photo are truly unique. Suffice it to say that I am moved every single time I go through our album. It is just wonderful. Keep up the good work and it is certain that you will get very far professionally! Thank you!!!!!!!


Thanasi, we are very glad to have made your acquaintance and for a perfect collaboration with you !!! Thank you for being so reliable, discrete and professional, all of which make you stand out not only as a professional but also as a man. We had a fantastic time at our wedding which was, of course, captured through your lens!!! Again thank you very much!


Thanasi, we wish that you always capture the most beautiful moments in people’s lives, their most expressive gazes and their sweetest and most genuine smiles ..In every project you undertake, you continue to bring the same enthusiasm and hard work that have accompanied you since your first years as a photographer, but also the experience you’ve gained along the way.
Thank you for turning our love into a set of wonderful images!