Wedding Tips

Below, you will find some of the tips we give couples that select us to cover their wedding. Quite often, when organizing your wedding, minor issues might arise that you had never thought of before or, for some reason, had not paid close enough attention to, resulting in last-minute crises that you do not know how to handle. For that reason and thanks to our experience we are in a position to share our ideas with you and give you advice on how to make your wedding far better than you had ever imagined.

  1. For the bride or groom’s preparation choose a suite or a very beautiful hotel room. This is something that will make your wedding photos remarkable as the surrounding space will make the events stand out as they transpire.01 wedding-hotel
  2. When it comes to decorating the space where the ceremony takes place, choose something that suits your character. Keep in mind that the wedding album will be tailored to your preferences and style and, as such, the décor you opt for should reflect your inner self all the way through from the selection of colours to the way everything will be set up.02 wedding-decoration
  3. Choose a unique and original way to reach the location of your wedding and make an entrance. Everyone will be waiting to watch the bride and groom arrive at the ceremony and share the joy of the moment with them. So make a difference and make a good impression on your guests and, in so doing, provide your photographer with a unique theme to work on.03 wedding-entrance
  4. Instruct your best man and/or maid of honour and bridesmaids to wear matching attire. This will not only grant prestige and elegance to your wedding but it will also help your wedding gown be more prominent in the photos.04 wedding-ceremony
  5. Ask your best man, maid of honour and bridesmaid to join you at the photoshoot taking place after the ceremony. Having a familiar face with you during the shoot will help you feel at ease and will therefore ensure that more spontaneous and amusing moments are caught on camera.05 bridemates
  6. Select a suitable venue for your wedding reception that will accommodate for the number of people you invite. The reception venue is what will remain engraved in your guests’ memory so opt for a place with a great view that will inspire your relatives and friends to feel comfortable and which will bring out their most cheerful self. The idyllic scenery and ambience that many Greek islands have to offer combine for a most superb and luxurious wedding.06 reception
  7. Select a suitable and experienced DJ. Music is the one factor that can make or break your wedding. Take great care in choosing the man who will be in charge of your guests’ entertainment as they will be the ones to provide your photographer with the most frenzied, fun moments and electrifying facial expressions that make for great photographic material.07 wedding-party
  8. If you have the time and you are ready to jump back into your bride and grooms wear then definitely opt for a NextDay wedding photography. Consult your photographer to select a beautiful location that will offer for unique wedding pictures. Greece has a variety of such locations, such as Santorini, Mykonos, Paros and Crete as well as the locations where the famous film “Mama Mia” was shot, namely Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonnisos, Pelion, and many other places. There, your photographer will be able to bring out his/her artistic self, come up with the most original wedding ideas and materialize them.08 wedding-photographers-greece
  9. Make sure there is chemistry between you and your photographer. The photographer is the one who will be closely following you throughout the day so it is essential that you feel comfortable around him. If there is no such chemistry between you and him then you should not choose to work with him because if he fails to make you feel comfortable then you will never get the desired spontaneous material you imagine for you wedding photos.09 wedding-photographer
  10. Do not forget that the only tangible thing you are left with after your wedding is your wedding album and your photos. Therefore, invest in the right photographer for you, who will be able to bring out to the fullest every aspect of your wedding.10 best-wedding-photographer