The way we work as a team of photographers is simple and straightforward. As the material we need to deliver for every single wedding should be strictly perfect, we devote our whole day to you, at the same time living and covering specific services for every wedding. Below you will find details on the services that we cover based on the days you choose.

Civil Wedding Day

8 hours

Bride/Groom preparation

Ceremony and Family photos

FineArt couple photoshoot

Wedding Reception

And 2 hours PARTY

Orthodox Wedding Day

12-15 hours

Bridal preparation

Groom preparation

Ceremony and Family photos

FineArt couple photo-shooting

Wedding Reception

And PARTY until the end…

Non Wedding Day (optional)

5 hours

Pre-wedding or After wedding

Fine Art couple photoshoot

in beautiful places

for more Artistic

and Creative

wedding photos

All digital files from these services are delivered in high resolution without logos or watermarks in a usb stick or sending by WeTransfer.

EXTRA SERVICES (ask us for more)

Cinematography services, Drone services, Digital Albums, Frame photos, Printing in any sizes and many more photography services…